About Us

Kal Babies is a timeless brand born in 2019. Simplicity, sustainability and a slow fashion philosophy are at the core of our brand. We love creating delicate clothes with a sense of playfulness and comfort, using certified organic fibers of the highest quality and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes that are better for our little ones and better for the planet. 
Each garment is lovingly handcrafted with close attention to detail by skilled artisan hands in Peru, with sustainability considered at every step of the production process.
We will look at the world through the eyes of a child
We will allow nature to dictate the rhythm of our brand
We will find inspiration in the simple joy of living
We will keep dreaming of a kinder and fairer world
We will remain curious like our little ones
We will reject any scratchy, unsustainable or synthetic material
We will honor our commitment with the environment
We will work with love and kindness above all, forever
    Our vision is to be part of the change and strive to create a friendly atmosphere for the environment and humankind. We truly believe in creating a fairer, kinder and more sustainable future for our children to enjoy.
    To do so, we are committed to using only organic and sustainable fabrics, certified water-based inks, low impact dyes and eco-business practices.
    Although the brand is based in Las Vegas, it’s entirely produced in Peru, at small family factories. Besides its exuberant landscapes, Peru is worldwide known for its organic Pima cotton, the finest cotton in the world, prized for its exceptional durability, softness and luster.
    This G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton is present in all our collections. We appreciate the Peruvian textile heritage and praise artisan work, recently included in some of our garments.
    I’m Lorena, owner of Kal Babies. Peruvian-American, labor and delivery nurse, mother, grandmother and sustainability enthusiast, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Being a mom, and working as a nurse, I’ve experienced firsthand the struggle to find baby clothes that were allergy-friendly, non-toxic, wholly natural and ethically made. Once my first grandchild was born, I became passionate about finding timeless baby apparel that was cute, high quality and both organic and sustainable for him. Thus, Kal Babies was born.
    This brand represents the realization of one of my dreams as a woman, an entrepreneur and, particularly, as a loving grandmother.
    • Our small e-shop mailer is certified compostable, it will break down between 180 or 90 days depending on compost type.
    • Our big e-shop mailer is made from recycled plastics already in circulation.
    • Our gift box is a compostable mailer box, digitally printed inside with compostable inks on FSC-certified.
    • Our tissue paper is 100% compostable, made of recycled material and acid-free virgin pulp, printed with soy-based compostable inks.
    • Our custom tickers are printed on acid free paper, made from cellulose fiber, with oy-based compostable inks on FSC-certified.
    • Oeko-Tex certified ribbons are used to wrap our gift box.